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Our agency was founded with the aim to organise events or ceremonies with care and attention to details by working closely with the client.
We hope this will allow you to enjoy to the full every important celebration.
Thanks to twenty years of experience,
Ferrali Wedding Planner prides itself to new services and proposes elegant measures to creativity and sophistication.
Organising a wedding requires great responsibility, time, energy, precision and attention to details, which is why Ferrali Wedding Planner is committed to delivering you the most unique and unrepeatable event in which everything is perfect. Our staff are experienced and share the philosophy of delivering the finest and personalised service possible every time.

For the bride and groom who desire a wedding that satisfies their wishes. Ferrali Wedding Planner will guide you through the whole service right from the beginning, starting from the prenuptial photo-video shoot and all the following coordination of events leading up to your big day.

Contact us directly to arrange a meeting, we will design and personalise together your wedding day


With authenticity and delicate taste

We will help you to manage the complete planning of your wedding

We will be able to grasp and interpret the essence of what you want to achieve your when creating your event as we have always thought, working together with you ideas, suggesting solutions and creating the style of the day: colour, scenery, sounds, tastes...

The hallmark of an event signed Ferrali Wedding Planner is to work with passion, good taste, elegance and balance...
because our desire is to make you happy and to be part of your memories forever.

Our experience will offer ideas and solutions


wedding planner in tuscany


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Ferrali wedding planner in Yuscany can plan and orgise weddings, events and ceremonies in Tuscany, Florence, Chianti, San Gimignano, manage the complete planning for your wedding, create the right style for the wedding day, and work with bride and groom to achive your ideas. In addition to this, she takes care of all the arrangements: wedding dress for grooms and bridesmaids, location for the wedding day, banqueting, wedding cake, floral decorations, invitations, confetti, luxury car rentals, photos, music and videos, accomodations of guests.